The Inbounds, vol. 5: Account Based Marketing - the secret of success. Krisztian Palfy from N.Rich

The Inbounds, vol. 5: Account Based Marketing - the secret of success. Krisztian Palfy from N.Rich

What is ABM? Account-Based Marketing is a growth strategy in which marketing and sales work together to create personalized buying experiences for a select set of high value companies. 87% of account-based marketers say ABM initiatives outperform other marketing investments. Businesses that are typically a good fit for using an ABM strategy are those that sell high-value products or services to other businesses, like B2Bs. 

In the webinar we will discuss the premise of ABM success: your offering, digital buyer journey, data & technology. Our special guest will do a comparison between ABM with Linkedin and ABM platforms. We will also see a short demo of the N.Rich platform and follow through a case study about ABM results & ROI in an enterprise B2B segment. In the end we will discuss how much should you invest in ABM. 

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Guest speaker: Krisztian Palfy, Senior Director of Channel and Partner Sales at N.Rich

Krisztian is the Senior Director of channel and partner sales at N.Rich, the leading European SaaS ABM platform. He has years of experience working in the marketing technology field and he has hands-on experience working with large companies' B2B enterprise marketing stack.

His job is his passion and he does it with a commitment to success and a drive to help people get the most out of their digital marketing and ABM efforts. His goal with sales is to help and enable companies to grow. He seeks to build long-term relationships instead of making a quick sale and is most motivated by the creation of sustainable success for clients.

Moderator: George Stoyanov, B2B Sales Manager, Limacon

George is a HubSpot certified B2B sales expert. In his daily work he deals with the creation, implementation and optimization of sales strategies for Bulgarian and foreign clients. Georgi conducts consultations and trainings of teams on the following topics: 

•    Modern sales approaches and methodologies
•    Digitalization & automation of sales processes
•    Building sales strategies
•    Digital tools for effective sales activities in Bulgaria and abroad
•    Sales & Marketing alignment techniques.

The Inbounds is the newest online event series of Limacon where we will discuss the latest trends in the world of sales and marketing. Once a month we will be inviting an exclusive guest – a guru in their field, and together with our community of marketing and sales professionals from around the world, we will go through a series of talks and discussions. 

We would be glad to have you as our audience in front of your devices in the safety of your homes or offices. 


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15 Sep 2020


Начален час:




60 min



Krisztian Palfy

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