The Inbounds 3 with Nicole Sengers (Spitfire Inbound): Marketing & sales automation - from beginner to advanced

The Inbounds 3 with Nicole Sengers (Spitfire Inbound): Marketing & sales automation - from beginner to advanced

This event already passed, but you can watch the recording on YouTube:

Marketing and sales automation is all about using software in addition to a strong strategy to automate a series of activities. A growing number of companies start automating repetitive tasks, such as email marketing campaigns, ads management, social media posting, internal operations, not just for the sake of efficiency, but to provide a highly personalized experience for their customers.

We invited Nicole Sengers of Spitfire Inbound to give as a peek at the science that stands behind making our day-to-day professional lives a bit easier.

We covered the marketing, sales and service workflows everyone needs and the principals behind developing your automation strategy. These are the bread and butter of automation and cover those essentials that you shouldn't go without. We also looked at a few examples of workflows that have stretched the functionality of HubSpot, the workflows tool and the imagination to creatively solve some more complex problems using automation. 

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Nicole Sengers

Nicole Sengers

Inbound Marketing Strategist at Spitfire Inbound

Nicole Sengers is not only a Principal Inbound Marketing Strategist at Spitfire Inbound, she’s also one of the only HubSpot Certified Trainers in South Africa. She's also studying for her BSc Biochemistry & Microbiology. She loves the trackability of inbound marketing and the fast-paced world it’s growing in. One of identical triplets, Nicole loves a good series and is always looking for a great recipe.

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25 Jun 2020


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60 min



Nicole Sengers

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