The Inbounds 7 with Ray Green (RJG & Co): How to turn your sales team into a growth machine

The Inbounds 7 with Ray Green (RJG & Co): How to turn your sales team into a growth machine

This event already passed, but you can watch the recording on YouTube:

The Inbounds is an online series that gathers professionals from all around the world to discuss the cutting-edge trends in the fields of marketing, sales, and digitalization.

The guest in our 7th edition was Ray Green, CEO at RJG & Co - Sales Leader, CEO at RJG & Co. After 15 years as a senior sales executive operator, including Managing Director of Small & Midsize Business at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and CEO of a PE-backed company, Ray has built world-class sales organizations and led change at virtually every level imaginable. The moderator of the event was be Ivan Bondokov, co-founder of Limacon.

Here's what we discussed during the event:

  • How to build an effective sales team
  • How to align marketing and sales towards common goals
  • How to build the best sales playbook for your reps

Who is this event for?

  • Sales and marketing enthusiasts, who like to keep a keen eye on new and unorthodox approaches to common business problems
  • Sales and marketing professionals, who need actionable insights and up-to-date information on the latest methods, tools, and approaches
  • Business managers of every level, who want to get in touch with the best rising stars on the global stage of sales and marketing


Ray Green

Ray Green


Ray Green was born in Japan and have called Asia, Europe, both American coasts, the Midwest, the South, and now he lives in Mexico. 

Early business ventures included building the first online international booking agency for electronic music DJs and pivoting a small brick and mortar retailer into an international online business. Both of those were sold to investors. 

He went on to join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s small business sales team, a place he called home for 16 years. 6 promotions from the sales floor led to serving as Managing Director of the national small and midsize business unit, including inside & outside membership sales, special issue fundraising, sales enablement, direct mail, digital properties, customer service, and more. 

While representing the world’s largest business federation, he had the opportunity to cut his teeth in “real” sales and executive management. Just some of the wins included: 
•    Transforming a struggling inside sales team into a world-class division and culture that was sought after by other organizations to execute sales. 
•    Doubling revenue-per-sale by reverse engineering best practices of top performers. 
•    Launching a digital platform that 33x’d member engagement and drove the first increase in small business membership in 10 years. 
•    And more…

Later initiatives included CEO of a PE-backed business to lead the turnaround of an obsolete business model, fractional C-Suite roles to drive repeatable revenue growth, and now, CEO at RJG & Co.

Ivan Bondokov

Ivan Bondokov

Co-founder of Limacon

Limacon is the first service provider of HubSpot for Bulgaria. For the past several years Ivan has successfully completed over 40 projects for sales processes implementation and optimization and has helped companies increase their sales with up to 40%.

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22 Apr 2021


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60 min



Ray Green

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